NIC Design Semplice Bathroom Basins

NIC Design Semplice Bathroom Basins

NIC Design Semplice Bathroom Basins

NIC Design Semplice Bathroom Basins

NIC Design Semplice Bathroom Basins

nic design semplice
NIC Design Semplice countertop bathroom basins in various versions. The Semplice basins are also available in colours, priced at 25% more than the listed bianco versions
semplice countertop basin, 50X40X18cm h E400.00 + shipping
semplice countertop basin, 55X40X18cm h E420.00 + shipping
semplice countertop basin, 60X40X18cm h E450.00 + shipping
semplice countertop basin, 65X40X20cm h E480.00 + shipping
semplice countertop basin with tap hole, 60X40X19cm h E480.00 + shipping
semplice chrome siphon E75.00 + shipping


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