the bathroom
a bathroom is a space that is should provide a comfortable and relaxed environment in the home, literally a veritable haven from life's demands - designer bathrooms are not a luxury but essential. this is especially important in homes which have small bathrooms to start with, with small bathroom sinks. planning a small bathroom is like working out a jigsaw puzzle, the right elements have to be used from the outset, mistakes are costly and to be avoided. bathrooms help the process by offering modern and contemporary bathroom designs. the bathroom sinks are our primary focus in the bathroom, around which toilets, bathtubs, and taps can be juxtaposed bathroom furniture
storage solutions are important especially in small bathrooms. bathrooms offer contemporary bathroom furniture, modern bathroom cabinets - in wenge wood, steel, and glass, in various dimensions
bathroom sanitaryware
all the elements found in the bathroom, including bathroom taps, lighting, bathroom accessories, bathroom cabinets, which are all available on bathrooms in versions
bathroom sanitaryware
a description of all the bathroom products found in the bathroom, including baths, sinks and toilets, which are all available on bathrooms in versions
bathroom suite
for the complete change of an entire bathroom, the bathroom suite comprises a combination of the bathroom sink, back to wall or close coupled toilet, and bathtub, which are all available on bathrooms in versions. the modern bathroom suites are designed to make efficient use of the bathroom space
bathroom sinks
bathroom sinks come in many versions: countertop bathroom basin sinks - mounted into countertops, pedestal sinks - which feature a basin mounted on base, bathroom washbasins - mounted on top, wall mounted sinks - which feature a basin that is hung from the wall, undercounter sinks, which are attached to the underside of countertops. however, as alternatives, coloured versions as well as sinks in glass, steel, plastic, wood are available. we feature bathroom sanitaryware that would be perfect in any contemporary or modern bathroom design
bathroom basins
the basin, sometimes referred to as a washbasin, wash hand basin, or sink is an essential part of any bathroom or cloakroom suite. bathroom sinks and basins including pedestal, wall hung, vanity, oversized and small cloakroom sinks available in materials such as ceramic, glass, steel, stone, wood and marble
bathroom taps
bathroom taps, basin or bath shower taps, which are available either in countertop, or wall mounted versions. most modern bathroom taps are mixers. mixer taps - hot water coming from the tank and cold water from the mains are mixed to a desired temperature through a single spout. non-return valves are in place to prevent the backward movement of water, and thus contamination. the taps come with a pop-up waste. monobloc mixer taps - the water flow and temperatures are precisely controlled by a single lever on a monobloc mixer tap. monobloc taps with pull-out rinse attachments work best on a pressurised water system or require a minimum of 1 bar or 33 foot head of pressure to work efficiently
bathroom accessories
bathroom accessories, in form of soap dispensers in glass, steel, and ceramic, soap dishes, towel rails, towel brush holders etc
bathroom furniture
bathroom vanity sinks installed on a bathroom vanity cabinet, providing essential storage space in the bathroom. bathroom vanities come in various finishes and colours
bathroom toilets
bathroom toilets are available on bathrooms in back to wall versions - the cistern|tank is concealed behind a wall or inside bathroom furniture with the exposed wc pan mounted on the wall or placed on the floor
back to wall WC
a close coupled toilet, or two piece toilet, is made up of an exposed cistern|tank, usually in ceramic, which sits on top the back of the surface|floor mounted WC pan. the cistern offers the option of a water saving or full volume flush. a standard flush cycle will use 6 litres of water
freestanding baths
modern contemporary bathtubs that can be placed in any position in the bathroom, as the drainage is all connected below. these are available in lightweight materials such as cristalplant, exmar, and plywood
ceramic discs
- these allow taps to be fully turned on or off with just a quarter turn. ceramic discs - fitted inside the tap - have a hard, polished surface, creating a watertight seal and drip-free position
- a waste outlet for excess water in the washbasin or bath. overflows are available either in an always open version, or a manual click clack version
- support base for washbasin, either in stainless steel or ceramic
pop-up waste
- simple lever device used to expel waste from the washbasin
wall hung - sanitary ware
- washbasins, taps, supported on the wall, usually freeing up useful storage space
- good lighting will enhance the bathroom space esp. used in conjunction with contemporary fittings. low voltage recessed lights in the ceiling with directional spots for reading in the bathroom are good uses of light. An uplighter installed below a glass or stainless steel washbasin will provide a dramatic effect
storage|cupboard space
this is essential for the efficient use of a small bathroom. wall mounted units afford the use of the underneath space for vital storage



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